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JBMS Foundation- Passport Program - Activities


The Passport Program is structured in a format where the students engage in a different program area on each day and then repeat those program areas the following week. Below we have created a brief synopsis of each Program activity.

Passport Saves the World

• This module provides students with exposure to environmental issues that affect the local community and the world. Students learn about the importance of conservation and natural resources, and sustainable neighborhood planning is a major component taught to participants.

• All-Around Environmental Awareness, a local environmental organization, supports the program by serving as a guest presenting agency. All-Around Environmental Awareness passes on key environmental protection tips and shares with the students how they can positively affect the environment.

• The students are in the process of creating a paper recycling program for Pointe South Middle School. The students have begun preparation for this by visiting the Clayton County landfill and recycling center. The students have also been working on the marketing of this new program through the creation of media that will attract a middle school audience and inspire them to recycle.

• The students are benefitting from learning skills in dealing with community members and are currently partnering with Keep Clayton County Beautiful, Inc. in the completion of the Recycling Program.

• The students will present the recycling plan to school administrators where they will be evaluated by administrators on the depth of knowledge and effectiveness of their presentation.

Passport Production

• The Students will identify a community issue and create a play for elementary school students that brings about awareness of the chosen issue. The issue will be reinforced with the creation of some form of manipulative that the performers will make with the elementary school students.

• The students will learn script writing, stage construction, make-up, and choreography skills. A writer's workshop will be hosted to teach the elements of script creation. A Language Arts teacher will review the script and provide feedback. Students will benefit from a carpentry safety class to learn how to use tools to create the set and props. Students will be eligible for acting classes at the Alliance Theatre that teach youth performers the basics of drama.

• The students will serve the community by performing their self created production for elementary school students and facilitate a question and answer period after the play. A theatre professional will attend the production and evaluate the skill level of the theatrical elements present in the production.

Passport PSA

•The students will be putting together a public service announcement (PSA) to address a health issue that they feel is relevant to their age group and their community. The PSA will target middle school students and be disseminated to those in the health profession to use as a tool to teach teens.

• Through the production of the PSA, students will utilize research skills in determining what important health issue they would like to focus on, media creation skills in the actual formation of the PSA, and marketing skills in determining how best to convey a memorable message and then disseminate that message to professionals who can share it with other young people.

Speed Reader X

• Speed Reader X® is a program that improves students’ reading speeds to create greater effectiveness in the classroom. Many students have the basic skills needed to read but lack the confidence and motivation. Speed Reading can help both slow and fast readers. It does not depend on one’s education or intellect. Speed Reader X® uses the scientifically proven Achieve Learning System to accelerate the learning process and provide positive visual feedback.

Language Learners

•The students utilize the Rosetta Stone Award-winning language program on a weekly basis. The students are learning Spanish, and any student who already speaks Spanish is learning mandarin.

•There are many skills developed when learning another language; through language acquisition students will be at an advantage when entering the job market. Students will also gain a deeper understanding of their native language structures because it will become the basis of translation. Learning another person’s language shows a high level of respect for that person's culture.

Healthy Choice

•Physical fitness is an integral part of becoming a well balanced person. Students will be required to participate in a variety of physical activities including walking, jogging, tae-bo, pilates, and The Firm sculpting program. Students will also have an opportunity to learn ballroom dancing.

• Increased confidence, and physical health, are proven methods to relieve stress. The ability to handle stress is helpful during testing and other high stress encounters throughout the day. If students are physically fit, they will have stronger immune systems and be less likely to miss school due to illness.

Passport Party

• Students will invite the community partners from previous projects and host an event in their honor. The event will involve students creating invitations, decorations, a menu, entertainment, party favors, and a theme.

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